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Over the years, NASA has developed multiple Robots to assist astronauts aboard the ISS. It was 2012 when Robonaut 2 was added as an active crew member. The latest state of the art robot is Aura, an Artificial Intelligent Project in Neuro-Acoustic Research, in which sound waves are used to therapeutically reduce stress on astronauts, who continually work in the dangerous environments of space.  


Machine Love:


This is the name of the Robots Program, in which the Scientific Application of Sound is used to therapeutically heal the mind. It is a technique commonly known as Brainwave Synchronization. Electronic vibrations are combined with isochronic tones and transmitted across tranquilizing binaural frequencies, healing the listener below the threshold of  conscious perception. 


Music Genre:


A Space Lounge Atmosphere for "Relaxation" . Various genre's of energetic tracks are also added for "Recharging".